Sunday, August 07, 2005

just a small handful of bits really

The new Burton film, though, was entitled Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Oh yeah. It was, wasn't it? That just makes it weirder.

HOw do I get Guards! Guards! to play?????

You go to the BBC7 help page. . Click on the link that takes you to Download your mac/linus/windows/solaris version of Real Audio (apparently without adstuff). Install it. Then go back to thbe BBC 7 page and click on Listen Again for Guards! Guards!

You could also try clicking on (which I found from which is the dedicated radio Radio 7 player, and seems to be using Windows Media Player).

I also recommend Hancock's Half Hour very highly.

As a young journalist I got to interview Galton and Simpson - we talked a bit about Tony Hancock, who I only knew from the TV, and about Steptoe and Son. Now, twenty years on, there are all sorts of technical questions I'd love to ask about Hancock's Half Hour, especially the last 3 seasons, once Hattie Jacques came in and it really started to work. Looking at their website made me realise how nice it must be for work that you did that you assumed was transient -- broadcast, out on the airwaves as radio or TV, and then done and forgotten -- now cleaned up and back and widely available. (Now if only some of those lost Hancock radio episodes would turn up...)

(And congratulations to Patrick Nielsen Hayden on his new Hugo category -- Now we just need an "Edited by" credit on books, or some kind of central database...)

Hi Neil ^_^I hadn't known of Jonathan Carroll's blog, so upon reading your latest post I immediately went over. thanks for the pointer! but it took me a ridiculously long time to figure the rss feed for it, so in the spirit of helping other slow folks, would you share - should you think helpful - that the lj feed is "jonathancarroll" ? I know, I know, obvious... an example of how google has all the answers but won't tell unless you know what to ask.thanks!Kate

Sure. (That's and

Re: the location of blog readers issue...It's circular - if Southerners feel shorted then we are resistant to being interested.So, no visits on tours = snub = loss of interest in following a writer (reading blogs & such) even if his/her books are still being read.So, start showing up in the Southern states more, and more fans will be reading your blog. We get skipped for so many things already...Hope that clarifies it a bit. JaNell

Not really. If people want me to go and sign somewhere, they have to get their bookstores to go and convince Harpers to send me there. Everyone gets a pretty much equal chance. Harpers get to pick the ones that work best logistically and the stores that make the best proposals. It doesn't matter if I say "I'd really like to do some signings in the South, because I haven't really yet," (which I did, before we started the planning for the tour) -- if the stronger proposal comes in from Denver than from Alabama (although I don't actually believe that any bookstores in Alabama made any proposals) then I'm going to be going to Denver. I can sort of imagine that all the people who read my stuff in the south are so irritated that I haven't gone and signed there that they won't visit my website any more (except for Georgia, where they come in in numbers that are rather higher than all the rest of the southern states put together, if you don't count Texas or Florida) but I don't see any indication that this really happens.

Interestingly, the pattern across American States has been pretty constant on where the most people were coming in to the website from and where they weren't coming from: Georgia's always been in the top ten, just as North Dakota's been pretty much always at the bottom (although Wyoming's slowly drifted up from equal bottom to somewhere in the mid-thirties, between Nevada and South Carolina). I don't get the impression at any point there's been a huge surge and drop-off from the southern states. Here's a 2003 post when I'd just got access to the numbers instead of being a sent a six-monthly spreadsheet by Harpers webmistress. And here's the follow up -- interesting to see Singapore so far behind back then -- these days Singapore, the Philippines and Hong Kong are way out in front of anywhere else in Asia, and, for those keeping score, Australia's up from .96% of all traffic to 1.71%.)