Monday, July 25, 2005

the whole mice and spaghetti question

Home. Tired. The garden has turned into a fecund jungle in my absence, and when I opened the bonnet (that's the hood for Americans) of my Mini today it was apparent that mice (I presume) have a) stripped some of the insulation from under the bonnet of my Mini to build nests with, which I suppose I can understand, and b) found a convenient space near the car battery to use as a place to store spaghetti, which I find somewhat stranger. Why do mice need a place to store spaghetti anyway? It's all a bit surreal, but then everything is sort of surreal right now.

Some of the garlic I was growing had flowered and gone to seed in my absence. I picked the seedheads with a vague idea of putting them into oil or something, and then, an hour later, stuffed a chicken with them and a lemon, and put it on to roast. Then I watched an episode of Bewitched with Maddy, who was very happy to have me home, without exactly falling asleep. Discovered that garlic seedheads make roast chicken a very good thing.

Lots of messages from people who would like to do translated blog things (go for it -- there's no format, but if you do set up a new blog/journal for it, rather than putting it in with your own, it at least gives me a clean URL to point people to). Lots of messages from people wanting answers (to the person in the Philippines who was very worried about forgery, no, those are both my signatures. I tend to do the 1602 signatures differently from the others, with all the vaguely Elizabethan curlicues underneath, because, er, it seemed like a good idea at the time).

Lacking the energy to answer the questions waiting for me, I shall refer you to a page of further unanswered questions at and now I shall either sleep, or just stare at the ceiling vibrating gently and wondering about mice and spaghetti and cars.

PS. Just changed the time on the blog back to US Central. Suspect I've now mucked up all the RSS feeds. Apologise if this is the case.