Thursday, July 07, 2005

Where's Maddy?

Neil - what's happened to Maddy? The last I heard she was with you in Scotland, and now you are in Singapore and Maddy has somehow disappeared from your journal. Which is a shame because I was enjoying her perspective on your trip. By the way, how old is she these days? - I lost count around 11.
Allie. Canada.

I left her behind in the UK, where she was happy to spend time with aunts and grandparents and things. (And a text message from my sister let me know that Maddy(and the rest of my family) are just fine, and were a long way away from today's bombings. Now I have to keep my fingers crossed for my friends.)

I offered her the chance to travel on round the world with me, and she decided not to, which I think, given my work schedule, was in retrospect far and away the most sensible thing to do.

She'll turn eleven in late August.


Off to Manila in the wee small hours of the morning.

More info on the Philippines signings seems to be emerging at

It was a much quieter day today. Odd things that happened included looking up at lunchtime to find someone passing the restaurant was taking my photograph. Was given a pen, by a pen shop - Elephant and Coral - who feel that authors should get nice pens (this was a Pilot pen with the nib carved out of the barrel, and looks like it will be a lovely thing to write with).