Friday, July 08, 2005

Open Secrets

As a postscript to the last one: I got back to the hotel after dinner and the man with the metal detector ran it over me to make sure I wasn't a terrorist, then said "Welcome back, Mr Gaiman." A nice man held open the hotel door for me and said "Welcome back, Mr Gaiman." A lady pushing a trolley across the lobby hesitated, and I stopped for her, and she said "Thank you, Mr Gaiman." And then I got up to the floor I'm staying on to be met with a conspiratorial "Did you have a nice dinner Mr ahem?" from the receptionist. [Ahem stands for the mystery name. She didn't have some kind of horrible cough.]

It's actually dead sensible registering under someone else's name, and I even do something like it myself at big convention hotels (ever since the time someone phoned my room at 3:00 am to tell me how much he liked my stuff, having phoned every hotel in San Diego asking for my room). But the name they chose catches me by surprise and makes me smile every time.

... is a comic of my speech at the Nebula awards in Chicago a couple of months ago. lets all of you going to San Deigo for Comic-Con know that...

The Jim Henson Company, Destination Films, Samuel Goldwyn Films, and Dark Horse have teamed up to support the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund by hosting the Fund's MirrorMask Welcome Party at Comic-Con International. Featuring art, props, and images from the upcoming film MirrorMask -in theaters September 30-this gala party will be held at the Westgate Hotel's Terrace Under the Stars on Thursday July 14 from 8 PM until 11 PM. The catered event will be free to card-carrying CBLDF members and open to all others for a suggested $5 - $15 sliding scale donation. Attendees will also receive a MirrorMask Takeaway, courtesy of The Jim Henson Company, be entered into a special raffle, and view a trailer of the film.

Yet another reason to be a CBLDF member. Apart from supporting free spech and all that stuff.


And to all of you writing all the terribly nice messages from Singapore telling me you had a good time and asking me please to come back, the best thing to do is for you to write to Lena St. George-Sweet OBE at the British Council, and tell her you think I ought to come back, or just thanking her for bringing me in. Then she can wave the messages at the powers that be to help there be a next time -- and this time they'll hqave a much clearer idea of what to expect. ( has the email adresses and mail address).