Sunday, July 03, 2005

in a singapore sling...

I am a) in Singapore and b) already amazingly well-fed, thanks to Lena St George-Sweet of the British Council. This is all good. On the downside I've had four hours sleep and 13 hours of flying in the last 24, and the world is starting to feel like it's made out of some kind of thin gelatinous substance that wobbles.

Getting online is much easier than it was in the last hotel I was in, although it involves carrying my little computer into the hotel's business lounge, and my internal clock has simply stopped. It could be any time.

A few links: is the text of the interview with Gorillaz published in this month's Wired. (Seeing that the interview was much longer than what they had room for in Wired, and had lots more odd good bits besides -- the interview as printed is simply an extract by the Wired editors of a few bits of the transcription, I've asked my editor at Wired if we can put the whole thing up here, and we probably will, and then I can put the actual intro as I wrote it up as well, and feel a bit more comfortable about the whole thing.)

Over at Emerald City blog I saw the Locus Award results, and rediscovered that my story with the extremely long name had won the Locus Award for Best Short Story. This made me feel more guilty than happy, as I had meant to write a thank you speech and then what with the travelling everything got away from me, and I didn't. I think I would have mostly wanted to say thank you from the 22 year old me who started to write the first draft of this in pencil late one night on East Croydon Station, and who would have just been happy if it had been published (the forty-something year old who took that first draft from the box in the attic twenty years later and polished it into a publishable short story (as seen at was also delighted, but not as much as the 22 year old). (Terrifying photos of the award ceremonies can be seen here.)

Which reminds me, for the next month you can read my short story "We can Get Them For you Wholesale" at, the website of the man behind this calendar (filled with 100 word short stories, and paintings too. I did Death).

Tomorrow will be long with lots of interviews and some signings and a MirrorMask presentation or two. Good night.