Friday, July 15, 2005

Continuum starts

The convention has started but I'm up in my hotel room madly finishing things for people all over the world. Dinner last night with Poppy Z. Brite -- you can read about what we ate over at Docbrite's livejournal -- -- under the heading Flower Drum. As Poppy says, the Peking Duck was the Platonic Ideal of the dish. It's the Peking Duck of Narnia or of Amber, of which all other lumps of duck wrapped in a pancake with brown sauce and something green and crunchy are but pale reflections.

Also had the strange experience of seeing a friend -- someone I'd even dedicated a book to -- and not knowing them. In my defence, Hayley Campbell is now 19 and about six feet tall, and the last time I saw her she was twelve, and the time before that she was about six (and I tried out THE DAY I SWAPPED MY DAD FOR TWO GOLDFISH on her, and dedicated it to her as well).


In an earlier blog both of the Sydney events were listed as a Talk Q&A and Signing - now neither of them are - they're both straight signing sessions. What happened? I was really looking forward to hearing you speak.



I was hoping you'd be doing some readings or answering our questions when you come to Sydney next week. In fact, your blog indicated that's what was happening. I eagerly reserved a space at Kinokumia (sp?) to hear you. But the blog today (15/7) indicates it's just a signing. While I'm happy just to meet you in the flesh and actually get a live signed copy of something (as opposed to what I can buy at dreamhaven), I was hoping for a little more insight, a preview of Anansi Boys or a discussion of Mirrormask - even if the intimate experience was shared by hundreds. Please say it's an error. We don't often get to see you. Kath

I don't know -- I've just been posting what I'm sent. Am investigating.


Right. I just spoke to Ineke from Headline, who said that whatever I'd like to do is fine, and I'd like to do a reading and Q&A if possible, because that's a lot more fun than just signing people's books. Having said that we'll have to make sure that the logistics work.

So I shall find out more and report back.


And the Aristocrats has a website, as of today -- Check it out...