Monday, June 27, 2005

Really Maddy should be blogging this one...

Quick post -- I need to get to bed. Interviews and things ALL day tomorrow.

Maddy, transplanted across the Atlantic, has turned into a nocturnal creature, who glares and sighs her way through mornings, cheers up in the afternoons and comes to life in the evenings. This morning we went to the studio where Lenny Henry is recording the audio book for ANANSI BOYS, and she semi-somnolently met Lenny for the first time since she was a toddler, and barely noticed. This evening we went out to dinner with the amazing Derren Brown, following his west end show, and Maddy, now vivacious and sassy, got to meet Stephen Fry and has not yet stopped delightedly talking about it.

We also saw Theatre of Blood on Saturday Night at the National Theatre(another Improbable production) which she loved and I really liked. In it half a dozen critics are murdered most violently and imaginatively. Afterwards, I started grumbling to her that while Jim Broadbent's performance was hilarious, it wasn't quite what the play called for (he plays a very funnily bad Shakesperian actor, whereas he should be playing a BIG Shakesperian actor)and Maddy looked up and said "Quiet dad. You know what happens to critics..." Of course, that was late at night too.

Saww Dave McKean today and planned some things and plotted others, and I got to ooh and ah over THE ALCHEMY OF MIRRORMASK proofs.