Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Quick ones...

Let's see...

Did you really draw the Spider on the Anansi Boys Booklet? There are pictures on eBay. Also did you know a spider has EIGHT legs? Lucy.

Yes, and yes. But that one only has seven. (It's the one I talked about drawing here:

Hi Neil,I'm looking forward to seeing you here in the Philippines. The only thing that's marring it is the fact that Fully Booked is requiring readers to buy two of your works from them in order to get "tickets" which will allow us to get your signature. Is this really standard procedure? It just smacks of greediness for me, and I hate to use that word if I'm not sure that's the motivation (I'll apologize if I'm mistaken). A lot of your readers have your complete sets of your work already, and it makes no sense to get duplicate copies. I know that you're a very gracious person and would not want to turn anyone down, but there should be a better way of managing your signings than that.Here's hoping there's a perfectly acceptable answer to my question :) Thanks! Ter�

That's already been changed - check out for the current rules.

But no, I don't think the previous rules were greediness on anyone's part, just the booksellers being concerned that it costs a lot to fly me half-way across the world, and wanting to be sure that they weren't out of pocket (I'm not getting paid to come, but airtickets and hotel rooms aren't free). I'm certainly more comfortable with the current plan.

Hello Mr. Neil: I just saw the trailer of "MirrorMask"; it's amazing.However, I thought that Sony Pictures would release "MirrorMask"; according to new trailer, Samuel Goldwyn Films will release this movie, not Sony. Why?Anyway, I can't wait to see this movie. Have a good day~~~~art

As I understand it Sony are releasing MirrorMask through Samuel Goldwyn Films (which is an independent film distributor, but which has a deal at Sony), as opposed to releasing it through Sony Classics or Screen Gems or Tristar or several other ways they could put it out, based mostly on the enthusiasm for it at Goldwyn. (I might have completely got the wrong end of the stick on this though. I understand many things, but the ins and outs of film distribution is something I need to learn.)

Which reminds me, Heidi at The Beat got to see MirrorMask yesterday -- for her initial reaction.


Lots of people writing to ask me about articles like this, on Beowulf casting. I don't have any direct news yet -- I know the kinds of names being talked about there are some of the names I've heard discussed (and that there are some others equally as exciting) but don't know if it's more than talk at this point. (Except for one of them, who I met the last time I was out to work on the script. But which one, I'm not saying.)

On the other hand, if you go to Roger Avary's journal you can find out who the costume designer and art director are.


Lots of wonderful things happening over at Mocca -- is a masquerade fundraiser for the upcoming Charles Vess and Mike Kaluta and Jill Thompson exhibition. Mike Kaluta will be there doing cool things. There will be live music. People will wear masks. Probably there will be a daring jewel robbery half-way through and people will remove their masks to reveal themselves to be crimerobots. If you're in New York, you should be there.


(And finally, lots of people in Singapore have written to point out that while it is indeed hotter than hell outside there, inside the air conditioning will be on and that I might well want to wear a sweater. Or even a leather jacket.)