Thursday, June 23, 2005

A quick happy one

Spent today workshopping the Wolves in the Walls children's opera at the Tramway. In the morning it seemed like we had a few ideas for songs and a handful of finished things and some ideas. As the actors began to sing and Nick Powell started playing it transmuted into something rich and strange, and I realised that it was becoming a show that I'd really like to see. And this is before Julian Crouch starts to build puppets and masks. Tomorrow, we get to work with a tuba player.

Maddy was worried she'd be bored. By the end she turned and told me she was pleased she hadn't brought a book. Yep yep yep!! It's the truth!! ( Oh and by the way... everyone did a fantastic job and the songs were great!!) Hey.. I have just realized I am good at giving compliments. Ha ha :-)


PS: Dear "Neil number one",Those fortunate enough to be named Neil can rest assured that they have an able online spokesman, representative and all-around archetype. What about the rest of us? Who can we trust to shoulder that great responsibility?I checked out "Steve number one", and it's just some camera website. "That's no fun", I thought, "but Steve Jackson is in second place, and he's kind of cool. He's even been persecuted by the Secret Service ( I wonder what it would take to get him up one place."

So I knocked off an incredibly quick webpage launching the Campaign For Better Namesakes ("cfubbun"). Since you're one of the very few people in the world with no interest whatsoever in the campaign, I though you might like to see it. The home page is at

Steve Jessop, Oxford, UK.