Thursday, April 14, 2005

Roger Avary says Hi By The Way

Film script needs to be done by Friday, novel needs to be in by Monday. Blogging doesn't seem to be happening at all right now, but a few quick bits before I vanish again.

Michael Zulli adapted my short story "The Price" to be one of the two stories in Dark Horse's Creatures of the Night. I was thrilled to hear this morning that we're nominated for an Eisner award for it, but feel I should point out that Michael did all the work. I wrote the short story around 1994: he broke it down, drew it and made it a comic. So credit where credit is due, and it's all his.

(Incidentally, Michael's "Last Morpheus" painting is up on eBay -- Try clicking here for the link -- with an opening bid price of $3001 (because, he tells me, someone has already offered him $3000 for it). Lots of lovely pictures of it there, too.)

I learned yesterday from Locus -- -- that journalist and author John Brosnan is dead. I've known -- I'd known, I suppose -- John for well over 20 years, have nothing but good memories of him. I went looking on Google for a photograph of him and came up with this --
....and also found, on the same site, an embarrassing photo of me age 26 at the World SF Convention in Brighton, having just written the first bit of Black Orchid and plotting the first story of Sandman, wearing my first black tee shirt -- for the curious (and yes, I have redeye behind the 1987 dark glasses).

Good morning, Neil! When you need - or are forced - to step away from writing for a moment, you might enjoy these comics that show how writers through history have dealt with similar situations: All credit to the lovely and talented Dorothy at Cat and Girl ( which is a great comic in its own right, for first posting the link on her site.Best wishes on Beowulf!paul--