Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Replacing one lost...

It was just a coincidence that the house power went down for twenty seconds early this morning, just as I clicked SEND, of course. But still. Makes you wonder. (Well, no it doesn't, really.)

I've forgotten, of course, most of what I wrote. I do remember putting up a link to, which is the BBC Radio 3 page for Mister Punch, and saying that it should go live, with a "Listen Again" thing on Thursday or Friday, and that you should be able to listen to it for the following month (which is three weeks longer than most BBC programmes, but The Wire is a monthly event). I heard it a few days ago, all edited and tight, with lovely music by Dave McKean and Ashley Slater, and I genuinely didn't know what to think, or what I thought about it. I think I'm too close to it -- I wasn't hearing the sound pictures: I was remembering being in the studio watching it being recorded.

Lots of good photos of The Statue now up at Lisa Snellings' blog -- -- (before restoration: the keen-eyed among you will see the white line on the frog's arm; but after cleaning, I think). I forgot to mention in the last post that I took advantage of the absence of statue and the presence of some builders to have a little spotlight put in the top of the nook for when it comes back.

The zeroth draft (well, possibly the first draft) of ANANSI BOYS has gone out to a small bunch of helpful Beta Readers, just so some other eyes can see it before it goes to meet its publishers and editors for the first time. I feel like I have a book that still needs some plastering and wallpaper and I may have to move the sofa and change the curtains, but that it is definitely a book.

Right. That's about it...

Hi! My name is Rachel and I'm a first-year student at the University of Chicago. I just came from an exceedingly good lecture/performance by Anna Deavere Smith as part of our Presidential Fellows in the Arts program, and the bill lists that Neil Gaiman will be coming here next month. However, neither our website nor yours says anything about that.Is this true? Please say it's true. You would make a thousand very brilliant, very devoted, and very stressed students (plus the faculty, plus the far too kind denizens of Hyde Park) extraordinarily happy. And we would do wonderfully geeky things for you in order to express our appreciation, like translate one of your stories into Latin, or at least into a computer programming language. Or we could form a Facebook group in your honor. Please, please, please come. We're good people, if gifted with a slight tendency to like the erudite. You'll fit right in. Please?

I believe I am, yes -- I do 't have dates and such yet, or I'd have posted them.