Thursday, January 20, 2005

Sundance Etiquette

Hello Neil,I hope you enjoy Sundance. We attended in 2003 and had an amazing time. So much to see, ah, eye candy.I plan on attending the Sarasota Film Festival and have a quick question on etiquette. Would it offend to bring a book for you and Dave to sign? Thanks for your time, Yvette

There's probably a post I should write about Sundance and Sarasota... so no, Dave and I wouldn't be offended if you brought a book to sign, and ask politely at an appropriate moment. Depending on the number-of-people-who-want-things-signed-at-any-one-time to where-we-have-to-be-next ratio, we'll happily sign whatever you've got.

Someone wrote to ask if they should say hello if they saw me (or Dave McKean) on the street or at a screening at Sundance, or if we'd be upset if they did. Of course say hello. We're unlikely to bite and just as unlikely to be rude. On the other hand, please do not try and pitch either of us your latest script or idea for a film or a novel or comic: we're the wrong people for that, promise.

I've also started getting the pleading e-mails from people who want MirrorMask tickets for Sundance, and think I can help. I'm afraid there's nothing I can do at this point. All the screenings are sold out. They were, so I'm told, some of the fastest-selling tickets of the Festival, and all the spares that Hensons had have been assigned. Having said that, while I don't know what the procedure at Sundance is for returns/no-shows/people-who-were-plus-ones-who-turn-up-on-their-own, it's always a good bet that even a sold-out screening isn't going to be completely sold-out.

It's Chris from The Beguiling. We've just put the first four auctions from Dave Sim's Tsunami Relief project up online at If you could find a moment to mention it on your journal, I'd greatly appreciate it.

Absolutely. A lovely Dave Sim cover, an equally as lovely Jeff Smith cover. I'm donating a framed Simon Bisley Batman painting to the auction, one that Simon gave me many years ago, to convince DC that he really could paint Batman, for a project that never happened called The Night Circus; and I wanted to donate something else -- perhaps an original manuscript or something. I need to have a good rummage in the basement, I suspect.


Nice article on Stephin Merritt and the Magnetic Fields at, with a very odd photograph.

(In reality, of course, Stephin Merritt is not actually enormously tall, nor is Claudia Gonson doll-sized.)