Saturday, January 22, 2005

From Sundance

Lots of people wrote to tell me there's a live action Beowulf film being made already -- it's at . I honestly don't see it as a problem. Our film won't be that one (which looks really cool). It's a big playing field. And other people wrote to ask if we were doing the whole story, and we are: as far as Roger and I were concerned, the last act of Beowulf, an old king at the end of the Age of Heroes, was the key to the whole story.

After posting last night went down to the Layer Cake party to chat to Matthew Vaughn, which was pleasantly odd (the party, not Matthew, who was refreshingly normal). It took until this afternoon before I found Dave McKean on Main Street, immediately following which I found myself being interviewed on the street by The Electric Playground ( Which reminds me that at SPACE, there's a tiny interview with me and Dave McKean about MirrorMask up: -- with a couple of actual clips from the film.

Have not seen any films yet. Have, however, eaten sushi.

And I'm out of time and on a dial-up link, so I shall simply point the people who wrote wondering about the safety of Minis to, which someone helpfully sent me.