Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Where I am

I'm trying to finish the book. That's what I'm doing, and basically all I'm doing: trying to finish the book. I'm barely answering e-mail, and all hopes of sensible blogging have fallen by the wayside and are currently lying abandoned in the long grass. I haven't finished opening all the Xmas cards I've received, and haven't even begun sending out presents. But I'm in what feels like the last chapter. I may finish it (handwritten, anyway) by the end of the year, which is my hope and dream. If I owe you a letter, an e-mail, an apology or a thank you, just assume that I'll get to it when I'm done, and I'm sorry I'm ignoring you, whoever or whatever you are.


Hi Mr. Gaiman,
I hope you had a good Christmas and Boxing day.
I was wondering if you could please say something about the Asian tsunami, as organizations like the Red Cross will be needing massive help in dealing with the situation. I've blogged a list of donation avenues for people choose from, or you could just post the red cross link:
Thank you!

There's also more information and more links about ways to help at Teresa Nielsen Hayden's blog: