Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Radio Silence

This one is mostly a note for friends, family, people I work with, and people who email me.

I've just spent several hours I don't have trying to sort out e-mail -- the incredibly slow dial-up speeds from where I am, combined with lots of people all deciding to sent me big pictures of things to all of my e-mail accounts, crashed everything. Things that ought to take a minute at normal download speeds take twenty or hours or simply don't happen at all, and untangling it has proved almost impossible.

So for the next ten days or so I'm going to stop doing email, or at least cut it way back. If you need me urgently, need to check anything, or have something big and important that can't wait, contact Lorraine-my-assistant, and talk to her.

Had an excellent writing day today until derailed by email, and hope to have an excellent writing night, or at least a good one. Right now, at least, the book is behaving. I'm still not sure why or how Fat Charlie is going to get out to the Caribbean, mind, but I'm fairly sure it'll take care of itself when I get there, and it probably has something to do with Mrs Dunwiddy anyway.

(Feel free to continue sending things in to the FAQ line, but if it's a link to a short film or piece of music or something, assume I'll not even try to listen to it or watch it.)