Tuesday, December 14, 2004

in which i write six hundred perfectly good words before breakfast

Woke up with the wind howling around the house like a wild thing and the iPod playing Jake Thackray's "Last Will and Testament" song. Picked up my notebook and lay there in bed writing. Wrote six hundred words. Took a page to note down most of the things that happen in the rest of the book. Pondered the rather web-like nature of the story-shape, and decide that it's fairly appropriate for a story about Anansi and his kin. Made a cup of tea. Made a fire.

Will go back to writing in a moment.

Am thrilled, delighted and otherwise happy to mention that later today I get a daughter (Holly) flying in and joining me for my last week of work. She says she has lots of papers to write, and I've promised to teach her to cook when I'm not writing. (I'm also hoping that with someone around, I'll become rather less nocturnal.)


The lost Black House review has been found --

Neil, Love everything, yadda yadda, big fan, etc... That being said, I decided to google and track down that review, if I could, as i loved Black House and was curious as to what you thought. Here's the review: (black House link here) Moved around, I guess, not sure why. Thanks for American Gods--best read since Snowcrash, in my opinion.

Thanks. (later ed -- Blogger seems to have lost a bit of whatever I wrote here. How odd. I don't think it's done that before.)


Okay. Going to write more now. (Yes, I know it may just be the writing gods toying with me for their sport. But I'll happily take it if they're offering.)


(And I was asked to post that the London Vampyre Society is having a Neil-Gaiman-themed (or more probably a Sandman-themed) Christmas Party on the 18th of December. So I have. Details at and