Thursday, November 25, 2004

What You Did

As readers of this blog will remember, Dave Sim offered to send an autographed issue of the Sandman parody-period Cerebus to anyone who wrote him a letter and asked. I don't think Dave had the slightest inkling that this would mean sending out (so far) over 1700 issues of Cerebus to over 1700 happy people, while I for my part didn't realise that it would also mean that I would have fun defacing a Dave Sim Warholian "Lithograph" of me for the next 50 years (or that the first one we did would sell in a CBLDF eBay auction for over $1000). The second will be raffled, if possible, at San Diego Comicon 2005. Tickets on sale at the CBLDF booth in about seven months' time. Gerhard, Dave's collaborator, just sent me a photo of Dave Sim, Cerebus, and over 1700 letters. And here it is. (You can still write to him, and he'll still send you a signed comic. But do not expect a funny form letter of the day. Unless it's another one of the funny form letters of the day telling you he's no longer doing the funny form letter of the day.)