Thursday, November 18, 2004

the true price of fame

As a postscript to the questions about what it feels like to be taught in high schools and suchlike, I forgot to mention that...

Educational publisher The Rosen Publishing Group has announced plans to publish a series of six biographies of comic creators named "The Library of Graphic Novelists." Each will be 112-page, 6" by 9" trade paperbacks with full color photos, at an MSRP of $23.95. They will carry a common trade dress, including photos of the creators on the covers.

The six volumes will be Art Spiegelman, by Tom Forget; Bryan Talbot, by Lita Sorenson; Colleen Doran, by Aaron Rosenberg; Joe Sacco, by Monica Marshall; Neil Gaiman, by Steven P. Olson; and Will Eisner, by Robert Greenberger.

So I'll be in the Rosen catalogue, in between Neil Armstrong: The First Man on the Moon and Nero: Destroyer of Rome, and schoolchildren across America will stare with huge, impressionable eyes at the pictures of me and the panels from the comics reproduced in the book and then, I have no doubt, will pick up their pens, inspired, and will carefully draw a moustache and/or breasts on each and every picture.