Tuesday, November 16, 2004

On the table

I got back from Fiddler's Green and found waiting for me on the office table...

DreamHaven's SPEAKING IN TONGUES CD, and the very lovely SHOGGOTH'S OLD PECULIAR chapbook (which I signed a lot of copies of at Fiddler's Green).

The mass-market French edition of AMERICAN GODS (it has a very strange cover, showing a super-heroish Thor flying through the rip in a dollar bill).

The school district of Philadelphia's Core Curriculum resources Volume 2 (Grade 10 English 2), with extracts from American Gods in it.

The Mammoth Book of New Terror, and The Mammoth Book of Best New Horror 15, both edited by Stephen Jones, (which reprint "Closing Time" and "Bitter Grounds" respectively).

Vitamin Q by Roddy Lumsden (it's a great looking book, and the first time anyone's sent me a book of their blog, let alone one that begins by mentioning that Elvis's wedding and the Battle of Culloden were both 8 minutes long).

SimCity: Mappano le citta virtuali edited by Matteo Bittanti, which reprints the essay I did in SimCity 2000 in Italian.

Panel One, comic book scripts by Top Writers, with a script for Miracleman 17 in it, reissued.

Hardback Spanish editions of Sandman Books 2 and 3, from NORMA Editorial, reminding me that I owe Rafa a letter.

The SF Book Club edition of THE MAMMOTH BOOK OF COMIC FANTASY VOL II edited by Mike Ashley (with my story "The Case of the 4 and 20 Blackbirds" in it).

Legends II "Shadows, Gods and Demons" in paperback, containing stories by me, Anne McCaffrey, Tad Williams, Robin Hobb, Robert Silverberg and Ray Feist, along with the cassette audio of Legends II, with Michael Emerson reading my American Gods story "The Monarch of the Glen". I listened to it last night while signing box after box of stuff for DreamHaven, so they'll have enough signed books and CDs on their site to take them through to Xmas, and was really pleased with his reading. (I just checked and it's also available as a download from, although not yet up on itunes.) Michael played the narrator in the audio play of Murder Mysteries, available in Two Plays for Voices.

An advance copy of Dark Horse's graphic novel "Creatures of the Night" (they were selling it at Fiddler's Green, but the copies haven't yet made it from the distant land it's being printed in to the US). Michael Zulli's art looks lovely. I gave my copy to Charles Vess.

Alice's Journey Beyond the Moon, annotated and edited by R. J. Carter, published by Telos. It's the first time I remember seeing a book escape from Lucien's Library into the real world.

Tahtivaeltaja, from Finland, with a Finnish reprint of "Closing Time".

A one-volume hardback of BONE by Jeff Smith, which may be the most beautiful single edition of a comic I've ever owned -- gold edges to the paper and everything.

Peter Straub's lovely novel "in the night room", which I read on screen in a hotel in Italy in the summer, when I couldn't sleep, and which I'm looking forward to reading again.

Reckonings by Carla Jablonski, the sixth book in the YA "Books of Magic" prose books series.

The second collected volume of 1602 in Italian, "Il Segreto Dei Templari".

The German edition of Lud in the Mist -- "Flucht ins Feenland" -- reprinting my introduction.

A copy of "A Screenplay" which I probably should have mentioned before. Hill House Press are giving them away to the subscribers to their Authors Preferred Edition program. If you want to learn about what's happening with the Hill House edition of Neverwhere, you'll need to go to in Explorer because it's utterly unreadable in Firefox. (But you're using Firefox aren't you?)

(Please don't write to me telling me that the Hill House editions are expensive. I know this. I'm not the publisher. I do know that people who know books are amazed that they are doing the quality of books that they do for the price they do them at, and B) they keep giving their readers cool free things, any one of which, if eBayed, would pay for an entire subscription.)

(And Hill House are slowly solving their website problems, and any e-mail problems they've had, and there will now be some people who aren't just the Pete's doing things...)

An advance copy of this year's "Christmas Card", which will I think go out (from me) early in the New Year, and which Hill House are helping me with, and about which I am saying nothing, other than it's gorgeous.

And a dozen or so books with notes from their authors or editors asking if I wouldn't mind just quickly reading them and giving them a blurb, all of whom will, alas, be disappointed, as I'm not going to do anything else now until Anansi Boys is finished. (Er, except the UK Radio 3 recording of Mister Punch, anyway.) Unlike Barbara Cartland I can't write a novel every 18 days, and I am very unlikely to leave 160 unpublished novels behind when I die.

And then there are the unopened boxes of mail, and the astonishing beaded antelope skull some kind person decided I needed, which I think will live above the door in the gazebo...

And, of course, the Dave Sim "Lithograph". The first one of which went for $1025 on eBay two days ago, and which I'm now about to go and draw on in gold ink.


The current total raised for the CBLDF from Fiddler's Green looks like it's about $45,000, making it far and away the most successful fundraising thing that anyone's ever done for the CBLDF. My thanks in abundance to everyone on the committee, the other guests and to everyone who came or donated things to the auctions. I don't ever remember seeing so many happy people in one place. I'll try and put up some links to photos and con reports.

There was a lot of stuff at Fiddler's Green that didn't get auctioned -- we had more Cool Stuff than we had time for -- so expect it to creep out into the world at other conventions and on eBay between now and San Diego (I suspect the gobsmackingly amazing Sketch Book will wind up being auctioned at San Diego...)

And, yesterday morning, much to Maddy's displeasure, I shaved off the beard.