Monday, November 08, 2004

On the Road

Hullo world.

I'm on the road, driving North, to Chicago (for the Chicago Humanities Festival where, on Weds, I'm interviewing Gene Wolfe then doing a reading and a Q&A) and then to Minneapolis for Fiddler's Green.

(All the information on Fiddler's Green Memberships -- including all the stuff about the Day Memberships -- is at And I'm sure that the Program will be up very soon at

Meanwhile, Dave Sim has revealed (to me anyway) what "Phase II -- Something Good For the CBLDF" is actually going to consist of. It's really going to be amazingly cool. And it will go on for the next 50 years. Joe Fulgham is putting up Dave's Four-part essay at The Dreaming a chunk at a time: The first part is at Go read it and laugh at my sneakers.) I was extremely amused to see that Dave had managed to write a personal letter that was also a form letter -- it's up at (and remember, the collected form letters of Dave Sim are up for your perusal as

Right. No time to write the Going to Barnes and Noble with Tori entry, or the one about learning what the last edit of Mirrormask DVD looks like when you play it on a big flat screen TV as opposed to my computer screen. Back on the road now. Will try and post something longer tonight, from somewhere further north.

Have a wonderful Monday.