Wednesday, October 06, 2004

One final post while the antivirus updates

Neil: You ought to have pointed out that at, if you manage to convince a friend to sign up for their service, you get free pairs of black socks. Given how many people read your blog and given the gravity and prevalence of the Missing Sock Problem, I would think some of your readers would want the service anyway and would be happy to put you down in their "referred by" field on their Black Sock Order Form. :-) Of course, this might prompt single shipments of black socks coming to you with such frequency that *you'd* need a form letter to deal with them. *enjoying the very idea of just a bit too much* ~Amanda in Charleston, SC

Well, credit where credit is due. It was Sam Newman, from who wrote to tell me about the existence of, and who finished his note, I'm in no way affiliated with them, nor in fact do I subscribe to their service - I'm dropping heavy hints around my girlfriend in the hope I get some for Christmas. Is it wrong that I actually want socks of Christmas?

So Sam ought to get the free socks. Not me. (My socks have not yet arrived. Will report back when they do.)

Right. Now I'm really gone.