Sunday, October 17, 2004

On leaving a fairytale cottage.

There now. And I'm leaving the rather wonderful place I've been staying, on and off, for the last two weeks.

You know, the ability to find things on the internet is a very cool thing. I love the way you can start by knowing you need somewhere not too far a drive from Washington DC and Bryn Mawr, and a day or two later, be arriving somewhere like this. (Taken with my camera phone when I got back here on Tuesday.)

It was quite possibly the perfect place to take a few days out of life and just work (although I haven't decided whether the lack of high speed internet here was a good thing or a bad thing. On the one hand, I intentionally spent much less time online. On the other hand, I'd often wind up stuck online for ages while the antivirus definitions would update, or someone would attempt to send me an e-mail with an enormous attachment) (and anyway, Guy, the owner, tells me he'll be putting in a high-speed connection). (Here's the link if you ever want to stay here yourself.)

So I shall set out on another long drive today, and while I drive I shall ponder the general unhelpfulness of inanimate things. Like, why does an iPod wait until a couple of hours before I get on the road to have what is, according to the diagnostics, a total and utter Hard Disk Failure?

Had lunch yesterday with Joe Quesada, who drove down here, and we talked about Marvel Project 2. Joe had a few ideas, and I had a few ideas, and together we came up with a sort of idea that may work, but I need to think about it some more.