Friday, October 22, 2004

"I'll have 120mb of yellowtail, please."

I threw money at the problem, and now have an internet connection. Not, as advertised, in the hotel room, but I can sit in the hotel "internet cafe" (that's what they call it anyway) and use my own computer. And after two hours I'm still not even caught up with e-mail emergencies. But it's time to stop and eat. So...

Thomas Ruffner at the Fox Movie Channel e-mailed to say: "...that we experienced technical difficulties with the timing of the 13 Nightsof Fright introductions and wrap-ups for the first two nights. The programming department has addressed the issues and I would like to reassure you that the rest of your 13 Nights of Fright will air properly with your introduction immediately preceeding the film and your wrap-up immediately following the film.Thank you very much for your support. The web response has been phenomenal. The contest featuring your books has smashed all previous records! Happy Halloween!"

So he probably won't mind me mentioning that tonight's secret word is the almost-impossible-to- guess "FLY". (And you can keep entering the signed books contest until Hallowe'en.)

I've got several hundred e-mails to go through tonight, not to mention days' worth of stuff from the FAQ line, and I'll try and answer at least some of them, but in the meantime, thanks to all of you who felt that I should mention here that you can get USB drives that look like sushi.

...or possibly you can now get sushi that you can also store information on.

I should eat something now, shouldn't I?