Friday, October 01, 2004

Before I get into the car...

Several hundred messages in, 99% of which were funny, or useful, or both, and about socks. I've been referred to and have already placed my first order, because, well, there's a website for black socks...)

Most of the other 1% were about Coraline. Several of them were from the same place.

Hi neil my teacher mr.walsh has asked me if i can get the schools name and my name up on the website because my class is a massive fan of your work we have recently read Coraline and love the characters such as Coraline, the Cat, The other mother and if we get our names or anyhting like that on the website for a prize he said hes going to buy us wolves in the walls and thanks for reading this plz write back frm Aleighcia....... And 7P1 Mr walsh's english class in Rumney High!! :-)

Go for it. And if he doesn't get your class a copy of THE WOLVES IN THE WALLS, let me know.

hello Neil my name is sadie and i have just finished reading coraline with my class at ruhmney high school. My teacher mr Walsh said that you are a great auther.We had this homework to try and email you and for you to reply to me and get my name or the schools name mentioned on the site. My question for you is how long have you been writing horrors and what got you interested in them? please could you reply to me and the schools name mentioned in your email thankyou. ps I loved coraline and know i want to read wolves in the wall.

Dear Sadie,

I have been writing horrors since... hmm. I'm not sure. I wrote a really good creepy story about were-cats when I was about 11, and a story about underground vampires when I was 12, so a bit over 30 years. I have no idea what got me interested in them, or why I wasn't interested in writing stories about more cheerful things. Even as a child, I never wrote a single story called "The Happy Pony."

HI! I think Coraline is wicked! But i have 1 question about it! If the other mother created the world on the other side of the door where did she come from?!> From Natalie Lewis

From Somewhere Else. Quite a long time ago.

Hello Neil! Regarding your missing socks, perhaps can help you out! Cheers, Cindy

They're fine on the one-missing sock aspect of things. But not much help when it's both socks going. All socks going.

And incidentally, no, socks are not the larval form of wire hangers. Paperclips are the larval form of coathangers, which later emerge from their closets as bicycles. Avram Davidson demonstrated this conclusively in his 1954 Hugo award winning short story "or all the seas with oysters". If you don't believe me, you can look it up.

There's a wonderful review of THE DAY I SWAPPED MY DAD FOR TWO GOLDFISH up at the Guardian website:

The Day I Swapped My Dad for Two Goldfish by Neil Gaiman, illustrated by Dave McKean.Bloomsbury, �12.99. Ages 4+

A bittersweet, guffaw-out-loud story from the most distinctive partnership in picture books today. Features their trademark detached parents - dad is central to the story but is so immersed in his newspaper it all just happens around him, while mum takes three pages to notice her daughter's mouth is gagged. Don't miss the afterword. DR

(Also a lovely mini-article on C.S. Lewis's Narnia books on the same page.)


Right. I'm off to work: I have to make the MirrorMask Script Book this week, and I'll be hiding out to do it. I'm not sure that I'll even have internet access until next weekend at the Library of Congress Book Festival in Washington DC, so don't be alarmed if you don't hear from me.

PS -- It looks like the trailer for Mirrormask will probably be going up at the site sometime tonight. This is the one on the Storyteller: Greek Myths DVD, which Dave McKean isn't a fan of because it sounds like every other trailer, and I don't like because it doesn't mention Dave McKean, but which everyone else loves...