Wednesday, October 20, 2004

"An adventure is an inconvenience properly considered"

I appear to be having an adventure.

(And I'm now typing this in a library. Hurrah for local libraries.)

I got to the place I was going to be staying to find it wasn't actually habitable yet. I phoned my assistant, Lorraine, and told her the problems. "Well," she said, "you do keep talking about the research you need to do for Anansi Boys."

"Ye-es..." I agreed, doubtfully.

"So why don't you do it this week?"

"Because I'd have to fly out tomorrow and --"

She pointed out that this is why people have assistants, and phoned back a couple of hours later to tell me that I had a flight and a hotel, and would be going away -- this afternoon -- for a week.

So I am.

I tried valiantly to blog from my mobile phone, and failed, mostly because there's only about a square foot upstairs in which it works, and the rest of the house is No Service.

Bizarrely, in a house with nothing else currently working, the TV worked fine, and had (again bizarrely, cos I don't have it at home) Fox Movie Channel, so I saw the first of the 13 Nights of Fright openings. They start getting funnier and odder about number 4 or 5. Although tonight's is the Alligator People, and includes the line "I'm practising my spurious hypnotic skills..." Then I watched an episode of Johnny Staccato, which I'd never seen thought was wonderful, and a bit like Johnny Theremin, only without the aliens or chocolate bars, and went to bed. (There was a bed.)