Monday, September 13, 2004

one of those rare posts that's only about one thing

I won't be at New York is Book Country this year (mostly because I'll be at the National Book Wossname in Washington D.C. the following weekend along with many other authors), but I thought people would probably like to know about the poster that NYIBC and DC Comics have produced. It benefits New York's Children's Library Services, and was done by Tara McPherson, who has been doing some very lovely covers for Vertigo recently.

It looks like this:

It's huge, is on card stock, and only costs $10. (Plus $1:50 for shipping --probably a bit more if you're outside the US.)

You can find out about ordering it, not to mention the ones from previous years (two by Maurice Sendak, and a lovely art spiegelman one that I've got up on the wall out at my writing place) from