Monday, September 20, 2004

Message Monkey...?

Hi Neil,

Normally I assume that other people will get things to you before I do but as it's 2am UK time and I was surfing the net while nursing my latest work related injury (a Guinness pint glass exploded in my hand while cleaning, such are the joys of bar work -- thank god I'm a two finger typist. :g:) I thought I'd drop you a note to say that you can get a spyware free version of Real Media Player from the Beeb itself. As part of their whole charter and all that, they can not allow outside advertising, so they came to a deal with Real. You can download it from here:

- Meg.

Which is what I love about you lot. I thought there was a spyware/adware free Real Player, but a search of the BBC site failed to find it. I post this, and promptly two people let me know that it is and where it is.

And I now have a date, a time and a location for the Pittsburgh Signing:

Monday, Oct. 11th at 6:00
New Dimension Comics
Century III Mall Location
Pittsburgh, PA
Directions at
Phone 412-655-8661

Dear Neil, I'm writing in hopes of getting to Tyna from Poland through you. I unfortunatley do not speak (or read) Polish, and cannot ask what the beautiful music on the Polish Neil website is. So I'm hoping that, if I ask you, you could maybe ask her to tell us who the artist is and where we can buy the CD? Thanks for being my message monkey!

Any time.