Friday, September 17, 2004

Coffins and shopping for Hugos

The above is a picture I just stole from the relevant page of the Fox Movie Channel website. Which is by way of a reminder that I will get to be a horror host for them for the two weeks before Hallowe'en (Jack Chick's favourite festival -- thanks Shanmonster)

Currently you can see more pictures from backstage at the shoot over at the American Scary site (where you can also see a trailer for their film), and read a little about it at Jude Prest's site (Jude wrote the scripts). [Edit: And Jude's site mysteriously vanished in the last few hours, so here's a link to his recent movie instead:]

Malena (my hilarious-as-she-is-lovely undead assistant on the show) has her own website, and she's just posted the postcard that FMC did (which they gave away at San Diego) -- at (And I see that Malena is on the cover of Inmag,
along with articles on Laser assisted liposuction... it has to be something from LA, doesn't it?)

Expect more stuff and more links and clips and info in the run-up to the show.

(And Fox Movie Channel have just graciously said that people going to Fiddler's Green will get automatic web access to each day's intro and wrap-up -- and they'll screen them all at Fiddler's Green as well. Another reason to head to chilly Minneapolis this November.)

(I've signed 13 sets of all seven Harper Collins books for the show -- Fox Movie Channel will be giving away a set of signed books for each of the 13 nights. And again, I'll post links and information as we get closer, and as I get it.)


I've just installed Firefox 1.0. The installation was, in all respects except one, utterly painless. (That one? Well, my Firefox bookmarks are suddenly, and bafflingly, about four months out of date. And when I reinstalled the Session Saver extension, the tabs it opened were, just as bafflingly, from about four months ago as well. If anyone reading has any idea where I could find my most recent bookmarks, I'd be dead grateful.)


Now that I have a Hugo award, many people come up to me in the street and say "What a wonderful Hugo Award. Where can I buy one like that?" At which point I always send them to

Well, I don't really, because they don't, but there's something wonderful about sentences like:

We have taken the hard work out of your hugo awards shopping and narrowed our list of hugo awards websites down to only those of the very best. Knowing you’re getting value for money is very important in buying hugo awards, so by coming to this web site you can rest with the sound knowledge that you are getting the hugo awards you paid for. By buying through our recommend links you can also rest assured your hugo awards will be of the highest quality. How do we know? Because when we’re shopping for hugo awards ourselves it’s where we go.

(A link I found through a fake blog -- a phenomenon I'd not run into before.)


When I was sixteen I bought a Lenny Bruce LP. I'd already read the Lenny Bruce biography, and I had a book of his monologues, and a book of his articles, and I'd seen the Bob Fosse "Lenny" film, and had come to the conclusion, especially from the film, that Bruce was a lot of very cool and worthy things but he wasn't actually funny. And then I saw a Lenny Bruce LP, and despite the fact that I really couldn't afford it, and I thought I knew the material in it, I bought it.

It was hilarious. I hadn't expected that. After all, Dustin Hoffman wasn't funny. But Lenny Bruce was amazing. His accents and voices were faultless. His timing was perfect. And it was all in the delivery. I knew I'd never be a comedian, but it gave me something to aspire to. I just noticed that there's a 6 CD set of the essential Lenny Bruce coming out -- Let the Buyer Beware: for details.


Hey Neil, I just purchased the DVD "Jim Henson's The Storyteller: The Greek Myths" and saw the trailer for Mirrormask! Holy cow was that good. Just thought I'd spread the news. Also, your readers could do worse than picking up such a good series.Kirk MacLeod, Edmonton, Canada

Agreed. Maddy and I just watched the Daedalus episode ("Cool!" Maddy Gaiman) and the Orpheus episode ("Kind of boring." Maddy Gaiman). And we also watched the Mirrormask Trailer.

Personally, I'd not have let that trailer out, but only because it goes "From the Storytelling Genius of Neil Gaiman... and the Jim Henson Company" but somehow omits the person who did most of the work and all of the heavy lifting. But apart from the bizarre lack of any mention of Dave McKean, I enjoyed it -- and it does show you what the film looks like. Or bits of it, anyway.


If you've never read any of the Alan Moore and Alan Davis D.R. AND QUINCH material, or if you want to see how to write a perfect short-short comic, the BBC Comics site now has a bunch of classic 2000AD material up:


Neil Buddy,Have you seen the Sin City trailer?It's here: & Robert did a beautiful job and the casting is bang on.What do you think?I'll see you once again in Toronto,-Aaron Broverman

I think it looks cool enough and spot on enough that it made me want to head down to the graphic novel shelves in the basement and re-read my copies of Frank Miller's Sin City.

And I want to see the film, when they finish it. I did find myself feeling guilty for continually finding the Frank Miller images that flashed up during the trailer more visually interesting than the video reconstructions, though.