Wednesday, August 25, 2004

small useful post

I'm definitely at the Library of Congress 2004 National Book Festival in Washington DC on October 9th; I'll be talking in the "Science Fiction and Fantasy" pavilion, which has its first outing this year. The talks in several of the other pavilions will be livecast, but not that one. Lots of details at and a list of authors up at I can't see what time I'm talking, but when I know I'll post it here.

And several of you have wanted to know if I'll be at the Worldcon this year (yes, and I'm MCing the Hugo Awards). And yes, there will probably be a couple of signings as well, and I'll announce the details here. I have more than a suspicion that I won't be wearing a black leather jacket and tee shirt to MC the awards: I'll have a rummage in the back of the closet to see what else I have.

Oh Mr. Gaiman, where is the speech you made at Mythcon? Didn't you say you'd post a summary of it in your blog? Where is it? O where? I know it won't be as good as hearing the one you actually made, but some of us couldn't be in Michigan that weekend because we had to go to Kansas City to visit our in-laws. *sob*

I'll try and get it typed in the next day or so; and then it'll either go up here, or over at the Mythopoeic site. I'll let people know here.


Today I got to listen to the next audio CD for adults. It contains me reading Instructions, The Price, Daughter of Owls, and The Facts in the Case of the Disappearance of Miss Finch, and has music by Adam Stemple (of the Tim Malloys, and Boiled in Lead fame). It has a gorgeous cover by Michael Zulli. It has everything except liner notes and a title.

By tomorrow it should have both.


And finally: Cthulhu Plush Slippers. Quite how Great Cthulhu will react when he rises from his sunken grave and sees people wearing him on his feet, I hate to imagine. It'll be the end of the world, I expect. Then again, it would probably have been the end of the world anyway.