Tuesday, July 06, 2004

One last post before intermittent vanishing

Did an interview with Time Out New York about the upcoming new edition of my children's book with Dave McKean, The Day I Swapped My Dad For Two Goldfish. It's a larger size than the original edition, and has a different (new) cover, mostly because (at the band's request and with our permission) Dave McKean redid the cover for a Counting Crows CD, and we wanted to minimise any possible confusion. I also did a new afterword for it. (It also, at least in its first printing, comes with a CD of me reading the story.)

The LA Times has done an article on Elena-who-doesn't-ride-her-motorbike-to-Chernobyl. It's here, and you'll need to register (or just go to bugmenot for a password. They quote this blog. I don't think the article will assuage the wounded feelings of the several people who wrote to me after I posted the original bit on how she didn't ride her motorbike to Chernobyl (nor, it turns out, did she take many of the photos from the original version of her site) telling me that I had become party to a Russian Government Plot to stop The Truth From Getting Out.

And I see from the Guardian that Microsoft have now patented using the human body as a network. Which, apart from anything, brings a whole new meaning to the concept of viruses.

And I keep meaning to mention that I just received from DC Comics a Sandman: Endless Nights 2005 wall calendar, which is really rather spiffy. It seems to be for sale now, and I checked the usual sort of places, from Amazon on up (or down) and it seems to be pretty widely available. This was a cheap commercial plug brought to you because people always write and tell me off for not mentioning these things.

Here's the Calendar's back cover: