Thursday, July 22, 2004

En route -- San Diego info

Quickly, in an aiport, wirelessly. A couple of practical sort of posts about tomorrow (Friday) in San Diego.

There will be a signing. It'll be me and Dave McKean, and will go from 2:00pm to 3:00pm, at the Dark Horse booth. On the not unreasonable assumption that there will be a lot more people who will want to come to the signing than Dave and I can actually do in an hour, there will be 100 tickets for the signing.

Raffle tickets for the signing will be available from the Dark Horse booth and from the CBLDF booth (4504) today (Thursday) and Friday morning. Donations to the CBLDF are appreciated but not required (nor, alas do they increase your chances of getting into line. On the other hand, I bet if you write a large enough cheque to Charles Brownstein at the CBLDF he'll move heaven and earth to get you into that line somehow.)  They'll call out the winners at the Dark Horse booth at midday.

There won't be a signing after the Mirrormask Panel.

I'll be at the Eisner Awards on Friday Night to present the CBLDF Defender of Liberty Award...

In addition to the many amazing things that the CBLDF have for auction on Saturday Night, I'm bringing with me two of the "Dangerous Alphabet" Xmas poems from a couple of years ago, which were returned to us as undeliverable, and have been sitting in the basement in their little cardboard tubes ever since.

Here's the auction information:


Okay. They're boarding my plane. Gotta go.