Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Coffin, candles and skulls

I turned up at the studio today to learn how to read an autocue (turns out it's not hard. What's hard is reading an autocue while not sounding like Barry Norman, or even Alan Partridge) (british references I'm afraid).

The set is gorgeous: ancient abbey walls, a bank of television screens, a desk covered with candles and skulls, a mouldering bookcase, and a really nice looking brown coffin, which I'm rather looking forward to getting out of. (Getting out of coffins is why I said yes, after all.) Oh, and a chandelier.

There's all sorts of odd stuff that Fox are going to be doing for the 13 Nights of Fright thing, which include a daily giveaway of signed stuff, and an exclusive web-interview (which they did this afternoon). But you'll have to wait until October...

Tomorrow I get to meet my mysterious, silent assistant.

And I have to get an early night as I have to be in make-up at 8:00am.
(According to New Improved Blogger I've made over 1300 posts in this journal. Good lord.)