Tuesday, April 27, 2004


I did mean to mention that today (April 27th) was free scoop night at Ben and Jerry's, and that tomorrow (April 28th) is free scoop day at Baskin & Robbins -- and for every free scoop they serve they make a literacy donation. But it's just me being vaguely helpful, because we don't have any local B&Js or B&Rs where I live.

On page 117 of Anansi Boys, and it's properly chugging along, and I'm moving more and more into "go away, I'm in the middle of my novel" mode. This is the kind of dangerous mindset in which you put babies in baths then wander off for an hour, or you get messages from friends letting you know that they're prisoners of kidnappers in foreign nations and you are their only hope to alert the proper authorities, and you really do mean to mention it to someone, but somehow or other it wanders right out of your head.

I know there are a host of things I meant to post here, but they aren't in my head right now (at least the head's firmly attached, so I can't put it down somewhere and forget it).

I seem to be writing about 2000 words a day right now, which, if it keeps up at this pace, means I'll finish the zeroth draft of the novel in a month. But then there's the Fox Movie Channel 13 Nights of Fright filming in the middle of it, which may derail things, so I probably won't get anywhere near that. But I can dream.

And if you're currently a kidnap victim somewhere, and you're relying on me to pass your message along to the appropriate authorities, um.... I'll get back to you....