Friday, April 23, 2004

somewhat less sinister ducks

I wasn't going to post tonight -- trying to catch up on e-mail and backlogged interviews and things I've promised people.

And I wrote 10 pages of Anansi Boys today, and it seems to have found itself, and Graham Coats failed to sack Spider (who he thought was Fat Charlie) and Fat Charlie met Daisy (aka the vodka and orange) and it was really fun and funny. Tomorrow may be hell, but today was a good writing day, and on the good writing days nothing else matters.

So I was going to skip blogging and just go to bed. But then I accidentally clicked on the site, and discovered the i-duck. for details. It's a 256Meg USB memory storage device, and it's a glow in the dark duck. Look.

Of course, they only glow when you plug them in.

Even simply blogging this makes me feel like I'm at the cutting edge of technology. iDucks. Of course.

Meanwhile, Charles Stross demonstrates that satire is dead; and the Onion does an excellent interview with Ricky Gervais. I spent an evening at a very small birthday party Ricky was at November 2002, and was sort of expecting him to be David Brent, and was incredibly relieved to find him a dangerously giggly enthusiast instead.

In the Book Television clip, you say that you said, "Fuck, I got a Hugo." Way back when in your journal, you wrote about saying, "Fuck, I got a Nebula." Which one was it? Or was it fuck, you made the same speach for both?

You know, it's all in the journal. (I'd estimate that 90% of the questions that come in have answers in the journal, at this point.)

Anyway, here's the Sept 2002 Hugo award entry:

and here's the April 2003 Nebula Award entry (and the title of the entry sort of clarifies things, I hope)

Hope that makes it perfectly clear.