Sunday, April 18, 2004

Quick News Item

Penguincon is over. I am somewhere east of exhausted.

Coraline was given the Nebula award last night for best novella by the Science Fiction Writers of America. For the rest of the awards information, and a photo of the awardees (and Harlan Ellison standing in for me) go to

Patrick Marcel, our French correspondent, wrote to me a few weeks ago to point out that the last mysterious fires village in France was the fault of the local mayor, who was setting light to things. Now this just in on the mysterious fires village in Italy:

This is the second time I've written you to tell you something rather than ask you a question. Since you followed somewhat on the blog the whole "strange Italian fires" story, I thought I'd point you quick to James Randi's new commentary about it. Apparantly he has a man on the inside with a couple interesting facts. Mostly he talks about how the fires never happen unless people are there, and a couple instances in which they've essentially ruled out (super)natural causes.

- Jason Crain