Thursday, April 01, 2004

In which an author makes a deadline by the skin of his teeth...

Lots of cool things happened today, all Death the movie related, but you'll have to take my word for it because I'm not telling you what they are. (Which, every now and then, is the frustrating thing about having a journal like this. Cool stuff happens, and I can't talk about it without risking then making the cool stuff not happen, at which point I don't know whether to mention it, and risk coming off like someone going "Nee-ner-na-boo-boo, I know something you don't know" or just not to mention it at all.) (I got "nee-ner-na-boo-boo" from Maddy, who has recently learned that if you and your best friend put on lots of lipstick and then procede to kiss your white kitten, you get a pink kitten, a lesson that I trust will serve her well in later life.)

Diamond posted its "Gem" Awards (which might just be thanks you for those entities that earned them the most money or not, I'm not sure). However, Endless Nights and 1602 #1 were both given "Gems". Here's the link from newsarama:

Thought you might be interested being the author of those and all.


I've never been sure how they choose the Gem awards. Obviously things that make money for retailers have something to do with it. And the last time I got a Gem award was about ten years ago, I think, at a Diamond conference where I gave the Tulip speech, and met Carl Barks.

Hey Neil,
Not a question, but if you can stand yet another thank you/praise about Thea Gilmore- then read on. THANK YOU again for so actively plugging her in your journal and repeatedly telling us all what a great artist she is. I took myself to see her at Joe's Pub in NYC last night- and it was just beautiful. She gave a rocking, funny, poignant performance- and I've never heard anyone do such wonderful things to Paula Abdul's "Straight up Now Tell Me" song. (if it's not already on one of her albums- please beg her on our behalf to add it to her next)The venue was lovely, and the audience was great (not a surprise that I went alone, but found many friends there)- we even got her to do an encore song- and I'm very happy that she plans to come back soon- probably within the year! All I can say is thank the gods that there are still artists like her, and I can't wait to see her perform a again. Thank You.

I'm pleased to say this is one of several from people who went to see Thea in New York and were made happy. Her cover of "Straight Up" is on a CD called "As If..." and I'm pretty sure it's also on the second side of Songs From the Gutter -- I'm not certain, but I think you can still get it from

Thank you for posting the Chernobyl link, it was facsinating.

You may like to know about the charity Chernobyl Children Lifeline

They bring belarussian children on holiday to England. A month here can put months and years on their lives while they are not exposed to radioactive air or consuming radioactive poisoned food.



What a good thing to do.

And, finally, a sort of April the 1st posting...

Hey Neil, thought you might find this funny: SF/F authors can even get their grocery lists published.

at which point I realised I'd missed the deadline, and had promised them a shopping list, so wrote one and sent it in, and they put it up. (Hurrah for the speed of the web.)