Monday, February 23, 2004

Zooming through the Rain and Fog, there goes Martin Semmelrogge...

First of all, thank you. You have inspired me to start submitting my work. I write and draw all the time. I may as well start showing it around.

Second, isn't it a wonderful world when Mr. Will Eisner's new work can be treated as an important artistic event rather than "Pow! Biff! Look at the way comics are growing up"? I'm referring to the New York Times article at

Finally, I have not had a chance to make my Endless Dinner yet. I promise that when I do, I'll send you the pics.


I'm looking forward to it.

Hurrah for Will. I've used the New York Times Bloglink generator at to generate a link to the Will Eisner article that should last for a while, instead of expiring in two weeks as they always used to.

Dear Neil,

Just in case there's been any frequently asked questions about this, Nottingham Uni. Gilbert and Sullivan society is putting on The Gondoliers this week at the DH Lawrence theatre Nottingham, Wed-Sat. So if anyone asks now, you can tell them. Thanks.


And I was just about to explain that, no, there hadn't been any questions, when, much to my astonishment I read

Dear Neil,

Hey Neil, I don't suppose you know when Nottingham Uni. Gilbert and Sullivan society are putting on The Gondoliers do you?

Someone not called Matt

--isn't that a fortunate coincidence? Odds of millions to one, there...

Dear Mr. Gaiman,
since you've been accompanied by Martin Semmelrogge during your recent visit in Germany you might be interested that Mr Semmelrogge was sentenced to 10 month in prison today for repeatedly driving drunk and without a driver license.
It was his 28th appearance in front of a court and this time the judge had no chance but to imprison him.

Best regards,
Wolfgang Walk

That sounds like Martin. He kept offering to drive me across Germany, faster than the plane or train, and never seemed to consider his lack of a driving license any kind of obstacle to driving very very fast. (If anyone missed the Martin Semmelrogge days, or the Martin Semmelrogge poems, they're at

I'd like to use one of your stories to read to my high school english class which will be starting a unit on heroes and misfits. Is that something i need to write elsewhere and get formal permission for?

thank you!
Steve Henderson

Not at all. Have fun with it.

Dear Neil,

Would it be permissable for me to do a dramatic adaptation of one of your stories for the stage for a summer production for charity? If so, how much would I owe you in royalties...etc etc? I'm a theatre student and am planning on directing a play for a charity event this summer. Is this at all possible? Thank you.


You put in the request to my literary agent, Merrilee Heifetz, at Writers House, giving as much information as possible.
The address is in the FAQs, and the link to the FAQs is

It's not always as straightforward as you would think. For example, even for the noblest of causes, I can only grant rights that I have. If the theatrical rights to a story are already tied up (with, for example, the film rights) then there's nothing that I can do.