Sunday, February 15, 2004

"War is bad, peace is good, Never use plastic when you can use wood..."

Let's see...

Vince Locke inked a lot of Sandman -- most famously the "Brief Lives" storyline -- and painted a Sandman poster and a very lovely Death (for the Death Gallery). He just dropped me a line to let me know that he's selling his last Sandman pages, and the Death painting, on ebay, and asked if I'd mention it here. Easy. His list of pages and the painting can be seen here.

The latest one of the 1602 Mysteries and Conundrums is out at the comic world news site. If you haven't read 1602 #7, there are lots of spoilers there; lots of fun guesses for things, too, some of which are good, some of which are wrong, and some of which are irrelevant, which is a relief -- after Jason's accurate surmises in #6, I was worried that the entire construction was completely transparent.

I keep meaning to post the link to an interview between Norman Spinrad and Woody Allen here, mostly because it makes me smile. A couple of years ago, I had dinner with many writers and editors in Paris, Norman Spinrad among them, and watched with a sort of fascinated horror as a waiter splashed a little soup onto Norman's trousers, and Norman, using only the spoken word as his weapon, somehow bludgeoned the poor man into forking over the cash to get Norman's trousers dry-cleaned. This interview seems sort of like that, as Norman talks and explains and talks and expounds, and after a while Woody Allan gives up and interviews Norman Spinrad.

Also meant to stick this up during Valentine's Day: It's all about bras.


Since I mentioned not having any images of the Swedish or Hungarian covers of American Gods, the following two links have been sent to me: is the Swedish Cover, and, a bit smaller, the Hungarian is at


I've started to try and revive the FAQ blog, at and will try and get an RSS feed set up for it. (although given the new Blogger rules, it may have to be an ATOM feed instead.)

And please, if your question, post, request, whatever doesn't get answered, mentioned, or whatever, remember that

a) a little under a thousand questions or requests come in every week. On a good day I'll answer five or six, based almost entirely on whim. The odds are way against you.

b) quite a few of the ones I don't answer have already been answered somewhere on this site. Yes, I know that there's a lot of journal to read, and that it may not occur to everyone to search the site, or even to read the FAQs, but the odds are pretty good that, if it's, for example, a question about rights, it's probably been answered: otherwise I'd be repeating weekly that the Sandman rights aren't in any way under my control, and that you'll need to talk to DC Comics to try and get the rights to make your short film (for example), or giving my agent's address, or Dreamhaven's, or whatever...

c) it all gets read. At least for now.