Thursday, February 05, 2004

more of an excuse for not posting, really

Today I've watched a prototype of Mirrormask all the way through twice: the first time just watching it, the second making notes to give to Dave. It's very strange: you can start to see what it is, now. Bits of the animation are in place -- it's not just blue-screen any longer. Most of the animated character voices are still just Dave McKean doing place-holder vocals, but then there's Stephen Fry as the Librarian, and the amazing Andy Hamilton (as a sort of little hedgehoggy character known in the script as Small Hairy) which move it to a whole different level.

(Hmm. I've noticed American copy editors really like turning "any more" into "anymore". I wonder why they never turn "any longer" into "anylonger".)

Tonight's blog entry practically fails to come to you thanks to Fred the Unlucky Black Cat, who is getting rather frisky, and is sitting on the computer,directly in front of the sc reen, and is trying to nuzzle and lick my fingers while I type. And rub his ears against me. This may be due to him being affectionate. It may be because this morning I noticed that he'd somehow managed to get ear mites, despite not being near any other cat since his paw got wounded several weeks ago. So he's had ear mite medicine. And just sat on the (computer) mouse, nearly losing me everything I've typed so far.

This is also the cat who did the full-on head-butt pounce onto Maddy's homework today. Twitcat.