Wednesday, February 18, 2004

It's Only Time....

For some reason the LiveJournal feed is down. Let's hope it's a short glitch and not the kind of thing that'll suddenly wind up in a couple of days spamming 4,000 LiveJournal "friends pages" with several weeks of posts...

"the next batch of Shadow in London stories..."

maybe I'm just out of the loop, but I didn't know about the first batch of Shadow in London stories...where can I get those?


Sorry. Late-night authorial imprecision. I meant that "The Monarch of the Glen", which I finished, and is a story about Shadow in Scotland, rather implies at least one Shadow in London story after it, and sooner or later I'll write it/them. Not that I already had. Sorry.

Incidentally, the Legends II online Scavenger hunt, to win a signed copy, has only a couple of days left to run, so if you need to try your luck, you should do it fast.... You start by going to .

Speaking of captions. Do you know if Neverwhere is going to be reissued with captions/subtitles? I was rather put out when I bought the dvd without them. I know someone inquired about it before the series was actually put on dvd, but it looks that A&E didn't add them to the features. I rather liked your CC entry though. I can't believe some of the shows they have as not being captioned. Law & Order, JAG, all the sports programs. Good thing PBS's Disabilities Today Series was approved. Wouldn't want to get mixed messages or anything. Pft.

Anyway, Thanks!

I don't think so: I asked the A&E people about it, and they said that since the BBC hadn't given them any captions, they couldn't afford to do them themselves. The sad thing is that I'm fairly sure that the original Neverwhere TV series would actually have had ceefax-type subtitles (which is a different system), but there's no-one at the BBC now who seems to know anything about it.

On the other hand, it just occurred to me that I should find out if there's time and a way to get the DVD of "A Short Film About John Bolton" captioned before its summer release.

Dear Neil,

Is it my imagination or is the Ballad of the Fantastik in anyway inspired by Dauntless' song from Ruddigore?


"And I'll wager in their joy they kissed each other's cheeks, which is what them forriners do...", that one? I don't think so -- I was trying to find the rhythms of something that felt a lot more folk-song. It's a very traditional sort of form.

Dear Mr. Gaiman:

Are there any plans for a collection of your short stories published after "Smoke & Mirrors". It would be most appreciated if said collection included "Monarch of the Glen". It is difficult to buy anthologies only for your works because I am quickly running out of space in my library. As an avid reader yourself, you may appreciate this dilemma.

Keep up the fantastic work.

Best regards,

Mark Vassilakis

The book after next will be a new short story collection. I started trying to assemble what there is of it so far, and realised that it'll be a bibliographer's nightmare, because it'll have a bunch of stories that have never been collectred, then it'll have other stories that have only been collected previously in the UK edition of "Smoke and Mirrors". Having said that, it's at least 18 months away...

We're looking at doing a mass-market edition of "Smoke and Mirrors" for the US, as it's only previously been out in trade paperback and hardback. It may also contain "Goliath", which has been online since before the first Matrix movie came out (and which you can read at


Stephen King's talk at the National Book Awards speech is up at and there's a new King story, "Rest Stop" up at The Times Online. The Times (the UK one) tends to stick most things behind subscriber-only walls, so you'll want to read the two halves of the story while they're still accessible. Here's the first half, here's the second.