Saturday, January 24, 2004

Twenty Four

And the Twenty-Fourth of April 2004 is 24 Hour Comics Day. for details... My favourite bit of information was:

To help creative individuals participate in 24 Hour Comics Day, various comics retailers across the nation will host special 24 Hour Comics Day events. They?ll be offering creators space in which to work on their comics in a group atmosphere, so that everyone keeps each other?s energy up. Food and drink will be supplied. And while some stores are simply renting some working space in a nearby hotel, others will have the creators actually working inside the store, so that curious fans can actually watch this comics creation taking place. Some shops will even stay open for the full 24 hour period of the event, giving comics readers that rare opportunity to buy comics at 4 AM.

Right now it's only retailers in the US, but I suspect that once the word gets out there will be 24 Hour Comics marathons occurring all around the world.

(The 24 Hour Comic meme has spread over the years -- there have been 24 hour plays and 48 hour movies as well. No 24 Hour novels, operas, or skyscrapers that I know of, but it may be only a matter of time.)

It is, of course, Scott McCloud's fault. (And there's a page all about it on his website, with links to lots of them including mine, at (As I've said here before, I'm really enjoying The Wrong Number. So far it's the best 50 cents I've spent on comics in the last couple of decades.)