Sunday, January 04, 2004

it is better to travel hopefully

This is what I did today: I failed to go to Chicago.

I'd originally planned to drive down to Chicago in the Mini (I really ought to be there tomorrow) and then, a few days ago, I saw what the weather forecasts were for today and decided it might be more sensible to fly instead. Today I turned up at just after lunch at Minneapolis St Paul Airport and spent several hours passing the time while, due to weather, a succession of potential planes were cancelled. When they informed me that the next plane they could get me on left at 8:00pm tomorrow I gave up and came home.

I did learn that Doc Martens have gone from the Good Shoes To Go Through An Airport Security Checkpoint With (as in "You all need to take your shoes off and put them through the x-ray... oh, those are Doc Martens, they'll be fine, you can keep them on, they don't set off the metal detectors,") to the Bad Shoes To Go Through Etc. ("I don't care what they are. New orders as of last month. They have thick soles. You can put them through the x-ray or have a full body search, your call").

Good afternoon, Neil!

You're right, the Morpheus bust (1/4/04 journal entry) does look lovely. you know of any particular reason he resembles David Bowie? F'rinstance, was Morpheus always slightly based on him? I was under the impression that he'd often been drawn to look like *you*...

Just curious.

Thanks for writing,

I think it's a trick of the photograph, really. The actual object doesn't look much like Bowie at all. Artist Leigh Baulch tried a Bowie look for a very early design of Morpheus (it's in the Hy Bender Sandman Companion, I think, and is definitely in Alisa Kwitney's Sandman:Lord of Dreams) but in the end we were much more comfortable using Bowie (in his folkie days) as our model for Lucifer.

I don't think Morpheus was ever meant to look like me, though.

Hussah for Holly on learning to knit! I thought she might like to peruse this book, if she hasn't already: Stitch N' Bitch, by Debbie Stoller. It's great for beginners, teaches advanced techniques, and has oodles of projects that are actully cool (it features a skull and crossbones sweater, for goodness' sakes!), and best of all, on, it's less than ten bucks. Always good, especially when cool yarn costs an arm and a leg...

Shalene Shimer

Which is, oddly enough, Holly's current choice of reading matter.

Hi there! I had the good fortune of attending the screening of "A Day In the life of John Bolton" while in San Diego last year, and I absolutely loved it! I don't recall seeing anything here regarding a public release, so I've been wondering when we might expect a chance to see it available for mass consumption. Also, can we have a brief "MirrorMask" update as well? Happy New Year!

Let's see -- Mirrormask wise, as far as I can tell everything is going fine. Whenever I talk to Dave McKean and actually ask him how it's going he makes that despairing noise that Lurch made in the Addams Family TV show, and then tells me about the Render Farm that was delayed in customs (this is a computer and not actually a small farm of any kind) or the need to transfer from Unix to Linux in order to stop some high end animation program from crashing on them and why each animator now has to have a PC and a Mac box on his or desk, the usual day to day hellish woes of a small animation studio I suspect, but the actual film seems to be taking shape rather wonderfully. The last call from him was to tell me that I had to write some lyrics for the song to go over the end titles please.

And I got an e-mail from the distributor who wants to make A SHORT FILM ABOUT JOHN BOLTON available in the US, just before everything stopped for the holidays, and I should have more information about it in a week or so.