Friday, January 16, 2004

infinitely late at night

One long blogger entry from last night was somehow eaten despite precautions, and now the computer is being extremely irritating, and dropping connections all over the place... so I'll wait until I figure out how to make everything work to post anything more than a brief wave (waves cheerfully).

I wore a suit and tie this evening (how odd), and am right now listening to the new Magnetic Fields CD which won't come out for several months, and is perfect and heartbreaking: having been very clever (well, all right; brilliant) on 69 Love Songs, now Stephin Merritt is being simple and honest and it hurts. Astonishing stuff.

It looks like people will be able to get the various audiobooks through iTunes pretty soon. In the meantime, have sorted out all their hiccups and American Gods (read by George Guidall) (lots of complaints about all the sex and swearing on the site, I see) and Coraline (read by me, with music by Stephin Merritt) (no complaints about the complete absence of either sex or swearing on the site) are up and available right now, and Two Plays For Voices will be going up very soon (I'll let you all know when it happens).