Tuesday, November 11, 2003

Is there a Meeravarice, Meerenvy, Meersloth?

In Bristol right now, in a hotel where the rooms do not have numbers, only names (mine is called "Meerlust"), and you basically find your room by walking around the strange warren of a hotel finding every other room until the room that remains is yours; the high point of my day was tea with the wonderful Diana Wynne Jones, who does not change, thank heavens.

Did a fun reading and signing at Waterstones Bristol.

Bought a beard shaver. It has to be charged before it can be used, and it is currently charging...

There's one new thing on the schedule -- on Friday Morning at 11:00am I'm doing a signing in Harrods, in the book department. It's basically a stock signing for Harrods, but, as they did last year, they'll set me up with a table and books, and are happy if I sign for anyone there (last year it was mostly astonished tourists). So if you want a bit more time than you'd get at Foyles, or want more things signed than will happen at Foyles (my guess, based on numbers of tickets sold to the Foyles event, is we may have to limit things to one item per person) then you may want to try and slip along to the Harrods signing.