Sunday, November 09, 2003

The answer is not 42 any longer

I've changed the time on the blog to London time. And would thus appear to have just turned 43. Which seems like an unlikely sort of an age to have arrived at. Can't remember the last time I celebrated it alone in a hotel room though, but my daughter Holly's already phoned to wish me Happy Birthday...

A quote I ran into today that made me smile and nod and smile again, from the liner notes of Sondheim's MOVING ON. Sondheim says, "What advice would I give to the young Stephen Sondheim? I'd give him the same advice that Oscar (Hammerstein) gave to me, which is to write what you feel and not what you think someone else feels." Which (apart from "Write!") may be the best advice one could give a writer, so I shall pass it on here, with my compliments.