Wednesday, October 08, 2003

small experimental post to see if it's working now or not

Dear Neil,
Neverwhere is out on DVD R1.
Will it appear soon on R2 for us not living in the US?
I know it is out on VHS, but DVD is nicer...
Thank you for all the good work in books and comix!
Are Flaten Oslo Norway

Whether accidentally or on purpose, according to reliable reports the Neverwhere DVD is valid for all DVD regions. So if you want it on DVD you should have no trouble playing the US one as long as you have a screen or TV that can cope with NTSC.


Lots of Brazilians have written in to say that Sandman:Endless Nights will be coming out soon in Brazil, and so will 1602...


Dear Mr. Gaiman,
I came to the Bloom-King controversy late and discovered that the link
to LA Times doesn't work anymore even with the fans password;
apparently the article was moved to paid archive. However, it has been reprinted
in many other newspapers which will probably keep it online
indefinitely. If you want to correct the link in earlier entries or at least
publish it now for the convenience of other future readers, try link here or
(in the worst case googling the identifying quote "My friend Philip
Roth, who will now share this" should help).

Best wishes,


And now I need to figure out if I can fix whatever's stopped the LiveJournal feed from working for the last few days...