Sunday, October 19, 2003


Magically, the Charlotte reading sounded just fine, and I enjoyed it, and I think the audience did, and I signed for around 500 terrifically nice people afterward, mostly with the aid of's Ginger Tincture mixed with Mimi Ko's Chinese Throat Magic Slippery Elm Bark Stuff which I added to the water I was drinking.

Now I'm home.

I saw my doctor shortly after landing (he was concerned, and had wanted to check me out).

"It's got worse," he said, after I opened my mouth and he'd looked down my throat at the mess that's currently lurking back there. And he's right, it has. It's now painful to eat hot things, solid things, and cold things. Which leaves lukewarm liquids. Hmph.

Still, I'm at home. I have painkillers, and water, and, courtesy of the FAQ line, the longest list of things to help throats ever compiled. Not to mention about 900 Jack Benny Shows in MP3 format.

Time to get better, and rest, and recover.