Saturday, October 25, 2003

In which I keep breathing...

You know, if I were a devout believer directing a film about Christ, and my lead actor got struck by lightning, such that smoke came out of his ears... struck by lightning not once, but twice, I might take it as a gentle suggestion of displeasure from the viewing public on high. Er...

A couple more Sandman: Endless Nights reviews, neither of which fall into either of the two camps described in the previous post:

One from the Guardian (which also talks about Alisa Kwitney's "King of Dreams" book):,12084,1069743,00.html

One from Green Man Review:

Lots of interesting things being discussed at Journalista! You've got Brian Hibbs debating Dirk on the comics direct market vs. the Bookstores, and a list of the recent Publishers Weekly articles on comics.

I finally got to see Constantine Valhouli's film Sex, Lies and Superheroes -- website at I enjoyed it, particularly the Frank Miller bits. (I wish that the hot studio lights hadn't been quite so hot in the club I was filmed in -- I look like I'm about to dissolve into a pool of sweat.)

The first of Diamond's 1602 figures is up at (And yesterday's mail brought me a Merv Pumpkinhead mini-bust, which may well be my favourite of all the statues for quite a while. It looks like this:

This is one of those books that just grew. And grew. And grew. I'm so pleased I did my strange story for it, with the aid of an elderly text program called Babble.

Sooner or later I'll write about the black cat named Fred, who is now back from the vet.

And Thea Gilmore's song "mainstream" has just been released as a single. So people in England should go and buy it. Sooner or later we'll get Thea on Top of the Pops. Dammit.