Tuesday, October 07, 2003

From Zagreb to Book Fair.

Now I'm in Frankfurt, in a hotel. In Germany. Have spent the last hour trying to get a wireless LAN to work for long enough to get e-mail to happen, and it's not, but I may be able to get this to post before I fall asleep. Which won't be long from now...

I'll tell you all sorts of interesting stuff as soon as I'm blogging while awake. So in the meantime here's a lovely article on Peter Straub.

Somewhere I read (that mysterious somewhere) that you are the only person who had won the Nebula, Hugo, World Fantasy and Stoker. I'm thought the source said that you had won all four for American Gods but that conflicts with the World Fantasy Awards site. Either my memory, the mysterious author or the WFA site is incorrect. Have you won the World Fantasy Award (for American Gods or any other work)?

No idea if I'm the only person who's won all the awards or not, but I got the World Fantasy Award in 1991 for Sandman #19, for best short story.

No question. Just thought you might want to read this article I found at It's an open letter to condescending reviewers of comics and mentions your name a couple of times.

Ralph Gamelli

It's a good article. Personally I think we should just try and get equal time for the same method of reviewing from people not reviewing comics. "Personally, I think reading a novel is a waste of good drinking time. Novels are pretty dumb, after all. But I do enjoy novels by Joe Author..."

I should sleep. Being awake is sort of getting painful. Goodnight.