Tuesday, September 02, 2003

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There has been a few rumors that you may be working on making a script for the live action Neon Genesis Evangelion movie? Do you have any comments on this?

Sure. These rumours are what is technically known as "completely made up by someone".

Just finished the first issue of 1602 this week and can't wait for the next - but here's the question:
Is Stephen Strange meant to be a sort of Marvelized (Marvelous?) John Dee? The Queen's magician, physician, general guy-who-knows-stuff-and-is-mysteriously-connected-with-the-Templars? Because that would be pretty cool.
And if my guess is correct, can we expect more historical equivalents personified by Marvel characters?
(This is the part where you say "all your questions will be answered... in the next issue of 1602!! And I say "awww" and continue waiting impatiently.)

Well, yes, more or less.

Incidentally, a couple of years ago I started a short story about John Dee, or at least, about people who tell stories about John Dee. I mislaid the notebook it was in, though, while travelling (I think it had slipped into the wrong place in my luggage). And about six months ago I ran across the notebook and read the story. It was quite fascinating. Unfortunately it stopped when the notebook was mislaid, about half way through, and I hadn't bothered leaving any notes for myself about what was meant to happen next, probably because it hadn't occurred to me that I could possibly forget.

I keep hoping that one day I'll wake up one morning knowing what was meant to happen next in the story about the people who tell stories about John Dee....


And for the lady who was at the Torcon reading, and had a question about the very end of A Study In Emerald, yes, you're quite right in your assumption. (I didn't put up the question because it's a spoiler. Now, who was writing the story?)

Hi. I'm an American exchange student in G�ttingen, Germany. We went to a pizza place for lunch yesterday, and your name was on a poster advertising a Literaturfest in early October. I will sadly be already home (as in, back in the US) by this time, but my exchange partner is willing to go to this fest and see you and take pictures and possibly get something signed for me. Do you know anything about this? Can you provide any details about your involvement?

Sounds right, yes. I'll be signing in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Croatia and Germany in late sept/early oct, and I should have a bunch of dates and locations very soon now. I'm still waiting on all the details, though...


This morning brought character designs from Dave McKean for MirrorMask. I was surprised to discover that Spiny Wilson, the Prime Minister's assistant, was not, as I had supposed, some kind of hedgehog, but seems instead to be a large, bristly, pink, Gilliamesque slug. On the other hand, the small hairy creature who appears in the script as "Small Hairy" seems, however, to be more or less a hedgehog-person to make up for it.

There's a Wolves in the Walls interview with me (the e-mail kind) up at


How do you truly feel about (a) real person slash? (b) real person slash about you? Honestly??

a) not sure. Never encountered any, that I know of...
b) I think I probably simply hope (er, and pray) that you're kidding. You are kidding, aren't you?